What Should I Do After a Spray Tan?

What Should I Do After a Spray Tan?
First – Play the Waiting Game Before Showering
For your tan to look its best, you will want to wait 4-6 hours before getting wet like working out or showering. This allows your tan to develop the best color results.

Then – Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!
It’s important to keep your skin moisturized after your spray tan. In order to maintain your tan even longer, we recommend using the VersaSpa Gradual Tanning Spa Butter. Not only will the moisturizer in this lotion help lock in the color of your tan, but it also has a gradual tanner to keep your tan longer. This lotion can be used daily and can be paired with Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer for an all-over beautiful tan.

Also, ask your salon professional about adding a moisturizing treatment to your spray tan! This special treatment is formulated to immediately hydrate your skin, lock-in and deepen the color.

One of the best things about Spray Tanning is how easy it is to get a perfect tan. You can find a location nearby that’s convenient for regular tanning sessions and come back whenever you feel like it’s time for some more color.

It takes just a few minutes for our private, warm, automated spray tan booth to give you a beautiful, even tan from head to toe!