What is the Best Self-Tan for Pale Skin?

What is the Best Self-Tan for Pale Skin?
If you have naturally fair or pale skin, applying self-tanner for the first time can be a little intimidating. We have some recommendations to help you get great results!

Try a gradual self-tanner.
A gradual self-tanning lotion like VersaSpa Gradual Tan Spa Butter lets you control the depth of your color and how frequently you apply it. You can use the Spa Butter daily to build up to the color you want and then use every few days to maintain your color. Plus, Spa Butter provides deep daily hydration for your skin!

Try a self-tanner without a bronzer.
Our Wake-Up Tan Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer Self-Tan Water Mousse will give you the results you want in just one application. It goes on clear with no worries of color transfer and develops your tan over the next few hours. Your results will last up to one week.

Try a self-tanner with a bronzer to complement your skin tone.
If you’re looking for instant results, the Norvell Venetian Self-Tanning Mousse will give you an instant, natural-looking tan that lasts up to one week. The cosmetic bronzer features a unique blend of violet and brown bronzers created to mimic skin colors found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera! Plus formulated with naturally-derived ingredients for a gentle formulation and natural tanning results.

Apply all self-tanning products with an applicator mitt.
Applying self-tanning products with an Applicator Mitt assures an easy, even and mess-free application for a flawless tan.