Spray Tan Tips

Spray Tan Tips
Our spray tan technology is designed to provide you with a glowing, natural-looking tan. Here are some additional tips to get even more satisfying results!

Tip #1: Exfoliation
We recommend using an exfoliating mitt or other exfoliator prior to your spray tan to avoid stripping away your color too early. This will soften the surface of your skin and make it smoother, allowing you to have an even tan application. No time to exfoliate, no worries! Our spray tan solutions are formulated with deep skin penetrates to help with an even tan!

Tip #2: Hair Removal
If you’re going to shave or wax, be sure to do so before your spray tan so you don’t remove your color too early.

Tip #3: Moisturizing Dos & Don’ts
If your skin needs a bit of moisture before your spray tan, we recommend using our Intensifying Primers to balance your skin’s pH for an even more radiant tan. Regular lotions can block the absorption of spray tan solution, but our specially designed Intensifying Primers absorbs quickly into your skin and helps accelerate the development time and intensity of your tan.

Tip #4: Add Skincare Treatments to Your Spray Tan
Want to give your tan another boost? Ask your salon staff for details about adding skincare treatments to your session!

Tip #5: After Your Tan
The secret to helping your tan last is keeping your skin moisturized. Your skin will naturally exfoliate its top layer every week and moisturizing daily will keep your skin hydrated so it won’t exfoliate sooner. Tip: using a lotion with a gradual tanner will help to extend the length of your results.