Tanning Primers and Accelerators

Tanning Primers and Accelerators

At Home Tanning Accelerator

Our Tanning Primers and Accelerators prep your skin for a sun-free tan, balancing pH levels so color absorbs evenly and deeply, so your spray tan develops in as little as 2 hours. Our primers are lightweight formulas that help get rid of old and dull skin cells, making your skin a smooth surface that is ready for a streak-free spray tan. Spray tan prep also accelerates the tanning process, so your color develops deep and dark, and lasts longer. And because our best spray tan primers only use ingredients backed by 15 years of skin care science, they also nourish your skin to keep it soft, hydrated, and feeling great. When you need gorgeous results fast, you can count on our innovative tanning primer or accelerator to give your skin with a luminous, natural glow.  

Why Choose Tanning Primers and Accelerators

Shaped by Science 
We bring 20 years of skin care science and technology breakthroughs to spray tans and self-tanning.

Focused on Results
Count on tanning accelerators that will help you look gorgeous. And formulas that are better for your skin.

Made in America
From concept to product development to manufacturing, we proudly make all of our products here in the USA.

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