Mystic Tan Accelerator Explained

Mystic Tan Accelerator Explained
Mystic Tan Accelerator balances your skin’s pH levels which in turn gives you a faster, deeper, darker tan. Balancing your pH levels is important because it preps your skin for the tanning solution, resulting in even absorption of color.

With Mystic Tan Accelerator, you’ll start to see your spray tan develop in as little as 2 hours! These quick results are perfect when you’re tanning before an event, leaving for vacation, or whenever you need beautiful results fast.

Mystic Tan Accelerator also helps to reduce free-radical damage and environmental stress on your skin. Free-radicals are molecules that damage your living skin cells. Cutting back on this type of damage will help protect your skin from premature aging.

Your skin is going to thank you for the moisture and hydration Accelerator offers. While hydration, in general, is great for your skin every single day, added hydration will help your spray tan last longer. That’s because it’s easier for hydrated skin to stay tan for a longer period of time, as dry skin tends to exfoliate faster.

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