VersaSpa Clinical Strength

VersaSpa Clinical Strength

Glow from the outside in.

Clinical Strength to Detoxify, Firm, and Hydrate

With 15 years of experience in tanning and skincare science, our no-odor, no-orange, eco-certified formulas protect and rejuvenate skin cells, blurring fine lines and reducing the visibility of cellulite. Because beauty is also skin deep.  

Why Choose VersaSpa Clinical Strength

Hydrating and firming ingredients restores the skin for a longer-lasting tan.

Skin Rejuvenation 
Sunless tanning products are infused with marine algae to firm, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin for a lasting radiant glow.

Natural Looking Tan 
Control your color from a natural glow to a deep, vacation tan. 

No Odor 
Formulated with Odor-Ban 200™, designed to virtually eliminate tanning odor.

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