Mystic Tan Spray & Self-Tan Options

Mystic Tan Spray & Self-Tan Options

Professional In-Salon Spray Tan or At-Home Self-Tan

You can get a perfect tan in a salon or at home! It’s the application process that is the key difference:

  • Self-Tan is just what it sounds like! Mystic Tan offers professional-quality self-tanners that you can take home and apply when needed. Mystic Tan products are formulated with our exclusive Tri-Hydration technology for deep moisturization and a long-lasting perfect tan. Shop Now.

Try both, most people do! Self-tanners are ideal to maintain your tan between salon visits.

Bronzer Or No Bronzer

Bronzers provide instant color, which is especially great when you want a great tan right now. Only Mystic Tan offers multiple bronzers, all cosmetic-grade, to create a custom, natural-looking glow.

Instantly amp your tan with your choice of bronzers:

Mystic Tan offers multiple bronzers, each with a different undertone, to create a custom natural looking glow for each individual skin tone:

  • Kona: Warm brown with cool violet undertones for a Hawaiian vacation tan
  • Mocha: Warm brown with caramel undertones for a day at the beach tan
  • Island: Cool brown with violet undertones for a deep tan
  • Sun: Warm brown with peachy undertones for a sunkissed tan
  • Honey: Warm brown with honey undertones for a golden tan

No Bronzer:

For a professional in-salon spray tan, you can choose a gradual tan (sometimes referred to as ‘clear’). It goes onto your skin without bronzer and your tan develops over the following 6-8 hours.

For a self-tanner without a bronzer, you can use Mystic Tan Wake-Up Tan products. Apply before bed and wake up to a perfect glow, and hydrated, smooth skin.

Self-Tan Lotion or Spray

Both self-tan lotion and sprays will give a full-body, even tan. The application of the products is the real difference and the choice is all about preference!

  •  Self-Tan Lotion is applied in a smooth, circular motion using an applicator mitt or your hand. The Mystic Tan Lotion Bronzer creates an all-over, perfect tan and hydrates all day.
  • Self-Tan Spray is a micro mist that is applied by spraying in a quick, continuous motion 4-8 inches away from the skin. Then, blend in for a seamless all-over tan. The Mystic Tan Spray with Bronzer is quick and easy to apply!

For either spray or lotion, we recommend using the Mystic Tan Applicator Mitt for easy, mess-free application.

Booster Or Accelerator

Booster and Accelerator are formulated to help balance your skin’s pH level for a deeper and more even tan that develops faster.

Booster Lotion absorbs quickly into the skin so it can be applied immediately before your spray tan or before using any self-tan product. Accelerator is a Myxer that can be added to any professional in-salon spray tan session.


The perfect way to customize your spray tan experience!
In a professional salon, you can choose from multiple scents to add that extra spark to your Mystic Tan experience. Scents include Coconut Lime, Sport, Fresh and Warm Vanilla. Scents are added every season, check with your local salon for availability!