Bronzer or No Bronzer?

Bronzer or No Bronzer?

Whether it’s your first time getting a spray tan, or you’re a regular at your local salon, every time you get your glow on, you are presented with the question: “Do You Want a Bronzer With Your Tan?” For both handheld and automated booth spray tans, you have the option to either get a clear spray and let your tan develop over the next 24 hours, or you can get a bronzer which gives you the instant satisfaction of bronzed and dewy skin.

Both options leave you with the same great natural-looking glow! But there are people that swear by their favorite bronzer and may feel it gives them a darker-looking tan. In truth, the bronzer is a cosmetic addition to the DHA spray solution that is applied to the skin, so while it gives you an instant confidence boost, once rinsed off, the glowing tan that remains is from DHA activation on your skin. If you’re new here, DHA is the active tanning ingredient in tanning solutions that gives you a natural-looking glow!

We like to recommend the clear coat to tanners who are concerned about a few different things, the first being skin conditions. While bronzer looks beautiful on every skin tone, people with sensitive skin conditions may have irritation due to increased alcohol levels that may cause excessive drying. Another reason that someone may want to get a clear spray is the possibility that bronzer may transfer onto their clothes, bed sheets, furniture, etc. But not to worry as each bronzer from Sunless’ 3 brands: Norvell, Mystic Tan, and VersaSpa will wash out easily with some water or a quick toss in the laundry!

In conclusion, you really can’t go wrong whether you choose to have a bronzer with your tan or skip it and go with clear. We even encourage our tanners to layer bronzers if they enjoy the instant glow they provide! It’s fun to mix and match to see what shade you like the best.

What’s your preference when you get your glow on? Send us a DM on any of our socials: @norvellsunless, @mystictan, and @versaspa to let us know!